Privacy and the Global South project stems from the fact that much of our understandings about privacy, surveillance, the impact of big data and trust emerge from concerns of and contexts within the West. However, the fact remains that by 2020, majority of mobile and internet users will be situated in the global South, a substantive percentage being of low-income youth with diverse needs, motivations and aspirations, much of which remain undocumented. This project embarks on a comparative investigation of this critical area across the global South, through fieldwork, participant observations, interviews and focus groups with marginalized youth and content analysis of their mobile and SNS activity. We have completed our first round of data collection in two favelas in Brazil (Rio and Belo Horizonte) and two slums in India (Delhi and Hyderabad) in March 2015. We are launching the second round of data collection in South Africa soon and UAE. We welcome other partners who are interested and willing to adopt our method to enable an extension of such comparative work in any region in the global South but with a focus on marginalized communities. If interested, please contact the PIdr. Payal Arora at arora[at]eshcc[dot]

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